11 de setembro de 2011

How brazilians are travelling in 2011

The monthly survey held by FGV - Fundação Getúlio Vargas, ordered by the Ministry of Tourism is showing very important clues about the travel intention of the Brazilians in the next six months. 
According to data from August 2011, the wish to travel of the Brazilians is very similar to the same period from 2010, about 33,7% of those interviewed said that they have the intention to travel. From these, 71% wanting to travel within the country; 48,9% to the northeast region and 21,5% to the south. 
About 26% of the Brazilians have the intention to travel abroad (5% more than August from last year), they are older than 35 years and have a monthy income over US$ 6.000,00.
The survey shows that the majority of the travellers wish to stay in hotels (57,7%), others prefer to stay with friends or relatives (30,2%). And the percentage of those who wish to travel by plane increased from 55,5% in August of 2010 to 62,5% in August of this year. Most of these people said that they would be traveling accompanied (86,1%).
The analysis of these and other data available, and also the comparison with the previous months is an important tool to understand the national market and observe the tourism and travel trends in Brazil.

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Tiago Silva disse...

Dear Jeanine,

First is a pleasure to talk to you.
I would like to know which economic class, this group belongs searched?
Because in addition to strategize with facilities in destinations deprecated by the public, is extremely important to know what your coach. This additional data will influence the choices of hotels, receptive according to their purchasing power. Where is the passenger entertainment available at reasonable prices.

Best Regards,

Tiago Soares da Silva
Systems analyst
Multicidades Travel and Tourism

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